Krazy Hearts Farm is a life long dream coming true. I have loved horses my whole life and always dreamed of having my very own in my very own back yard. In 2012 we started making that dream a reality. Now we have added a couple of miniature horses, a dog or two, some cats, and my Valentine’s Day present a few years ago – little goats!  It has been nothing but fun since. Who knew these little creatures were so smart and personable and loving!  All of the animals here  are part of our family and are treated as such.
So many people have helped in so many ways in making my dreams come true. We want to share our little corner of the world with you through our yoga with little goats classes. We promise a little fresh air, a little workout, some new friends, and a lot of laughs.

Meet the Team

Together with the team of our experienced teachers, we are devoted to improving your well-being through movement and breath,  sharing our love of little goats and the silliness that is these wonderful little creatures.



Opal is the brains behind this operation.  She and Daisy were the first two goats here at the Krazy Hearts Farm.  They showed up as Valentines Day presents and nothing has been the same since.  These 2 are always happy and always up for fun.  Opal is named for Korinne’s Granny and we think she is proud of that.  We know Granny is thrilled.


Herd Queen / Logo Designer

Daisy is the boss babe.  In addition to being the inspiration for our name and logo, she works 24/7 keeping her little herd of little goats all in a row.  She is kind and friendly but doesn’t let anyone push her around.  Every time Daisy comes out of her pen, she scratches her neck and chest on the ground outside.  Every time we don’t have a camera ready!

Kim Depasquale


Kim is ecstatic to share her passion for yoga. You can find her practicing on land or at sea.  Kim is certified in Kundalini and draws inspiration from her many teachers. She is working towards her 500 hours with Shiva Rea, a mentor that she holds close to her heart. Kim’s classes aim to inspire, connect and motivate students to become aware of a connection with nature and the natural rhythm of our planet and the elements.


Master of Disaster

Oreo came to us when his previous pad was sold out from under him.  His family shares him with us and we are so grateful.  We are always laughing at Oreo and he takes it all in stride.  Oreo gets along with everyone and while he is very curious about all the goings on he prefers you just admire him for the handsome fellow he is. He tends to back away from hugs.  Its just his way.


Public Relations

He has a selection of mats and soaps and decals he has collected and offers to his new friends in exchange for donations to his favorite charity.  He also works hard around the farm assisting where ever and when ever he thinks he is needed.  He’s a big goof and tries his best to make the girls like him.  Franklin is Lilly’s twin brother and just refused to be left behind when we brought her home to the farm.  We are so glad we listened.  He is always entertaining and the first to try new treats.  At our very first class he decided Kim’s hair looked better down and promptly stole her pony tail holder!


Fashion Consultant

She is impeccably turned out in her boots and black lipstick and even rocks her beard!  She is friendly but a bit reserved as you might expect from a fashion icon.

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